The 2018 flooding of the Grand Forks area was devastating to the City and surrounding area. Kootenay Adjusting was able to coordinate restoration companies to effectively remediate over 80 residential and commercial properties affected by the flood waters.

Kootenay Adjusting & Consulting Ltd.
Kootenay Adjusting & Consulting Ltd.


A fire loss can be both financially and emotionally heartbreaking.  Kootenay Adjusting with combined experience of 60+ years has the background to walk your customers through the process of rebuilding their lives.

Residential & Commercial Propertes

With lengthy backgrounds in both residential and commercial property claims, both Sarah and Gary have the experience and knowledge to assess and coordinate any type of occurrence.

Kootenay Adjusting & Consulting Ltd.


  • our multiple locations provide a quick and effective response to any claim within the identified region
  • our team approach allows consistent coverage abilities
  • the proximity of offices provides the ability to shift resources to handle storm losses
  • we are locally operated thereby eliminating the bureaucracy in the handling process
  • a loss is initially reported either to the broker office or directly to the insurance company
  • the insurance company if requiring field assistance in the processing of the claim, will arrange for an adjusting company situated locally to meet with the property owner
  • we work with the property owner to assemble the important details to quantify the loss and report those findings to the insurance company
  • while we are retained by the insurance company, our function is to assist the property owner through the claim process
  • our goal is to be the liaison between owner and insurance company, maintaining an impartial position
  • our fee for services is an expense covered by the insurance company
  • we have specific knowledge of local resources to best respond to a particular situation
  • we understand the local dynamics of our region and challenges it presents in a claim
  • we are committed to providing service excellence in all situations
  • our experience has provided the background to problem solve all situations.